Sterling Silver Charms

All of Charms4Good's charms are dedicated to charity. This way, when you purchase one of our gorgeous, sterling silver charms, you'll know you're not only wearing something beautiful, but something that is doing good in this world! Here's how:

  • 50% of the profits from each charm is donated back to the charity the charm was designed for!
  • Each charity is carefully vetted through reliable charity review sources, like This way, you know that your donated amount is actually going to help programs - not just executive salaries.
  • The unique design of each of our charms helps you tell the story of the cause it represents. Telling others about these causes helps increase global awareness - half of the battle for any charity!

Check out our ever-expanding line of 925 silver charms and add to your collection today!

As always, all Charms4Good charms are interchangeable with all major manufacturers, including: Pandora, Troll Beads, Ohm Beads, etc.

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