Lucky Elephant Charm - Donation to African Wildlife Foundation

Lucky Elephant Charm - Donation to African Wildlife Foundation

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The Lucky Elephant Charm is Charms4Good premier charm!

This Pandora-style, dangling charm, features an adorable elephant, striding forward, with his trunk held high. This time-honored symbol of good luck, the Elephant Charm won't just bring the wearer good luck, but will bring real elephants good luck as well, with 50% of our profits on this charm going to the African Wildlife Foundation.

All Charms4Good charms are 0.925 silver. 

As always, all Charms4Good charms fit Pandora bracelets.

The African Wildlife Foundation's goal is to protect all of Africa's species. With so many African animals facing extinction, the AWF has a difficult job ahead of them. They have a special focus on six African animals including: the Bonobo ape, lions, mountain gorillas, rhinoceros, giraffes, and...

The African elephant!

With approximately 8% of the African elephant population being poached for their ivory each year, Charms4Good knew the elephant would be the perfect symbol of the work the African Wildlife Foundation is doing.

The AWF is working with communities and governments to create and protect elephant corridors, that allow the elephants to migrate from one protected area to another, safely. They also train community members to care for elephants and how to deter poachers, as well as a variety of other conservation and ecotourism projects.

With an overall score of nearly 95% (out of 100%) on Charity Navigator, you can be confident your donation will go to effective conservation, education and outreach programs that truly make a difference.

These charms are a limited production run of only 1,000 pieces.

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