GODDARD'S Silver Polishing Cloth - TRIAL SIZE

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goddard's silver polishing cloth how to clean silver charm bracelet anti-tarnish

If you want to give GODDARD'S Silver Polishing Cloth a try - this trial size is perfect for you!

One of the questions we've been asked the most is -- How do I clean my silver charms and charm bracelets? Our answer --

GODDARD'S Silver Polishing Cloth!

In 1839, Joseph Goddard of Leicester, England perfected polish and cleaning formulas that were used to care for fine home furnishings in England's most prominent families. Today, GODDARD'S is still preferred by professionals to maintain priceless treasures and antiques in renowned museums, galleries, hotels, and private estates throughout the world.

Now - you can use this exclusive polishing cloth in your own home, for cleaning your silver!

GODDARD'S Silver Polishing cloth is made from 100% English cotton impregnated with GODDARD'S exclusive cleaning, polishing and anti-tarnish agents.

You simply wipe the surface of your silver, with the cloth, buffing it to a like- new shine in minutes! No messy polish cream. No horrible smell. No grueling elbow grease needed!

Plus, GODDARD'S leaves a protective barrier on your silver,
to keep looking new longer!

This is the perfect cloth for all of your silver jewelry - including your Charms4Good charms!

The sample size polishing cloth is 4" x 5" so the perfect size to clean a few pieces of your jewelry, to see for yourself how amazing GODDARD'S is!

  • CLEANS TARNISH EFFICIENTLY - GODDARD'S Silver Polishing Cloth not only will clean your sterling silver Charms4Good charms and charm bracelets, but it will also work perfectly on antiques, decorations, and home fixtures that can't be rinsed. It also removes other kinds of decay, such as corrosion, rust, discoloration, deterioration, and time-accumulated stains.

  • PROTECTS AS IT CLEANS - The polishing cloth not only wipes off tarnish, it leaves a protective coating on silver surfaces: a tarnish-resistant barrier that defends your fixtures well into the future.

  • RESTORES SILVER PIECES - The polish fights tarnish by washing off layers of oxidation, restoring the silver's natural gleam and shine and making it look as good as new. It also preserves pieces' natural luster and classic beauty without damaging their finish.

  • FAST AND SIMPLE USE - Wipe metal surfaces with GODDARD'S polishing cloth to remove tarnish, then buff them until they shine. 

  • MADE OF ENGLISH COTTON - This cloth is 100% English cotton and is soft and durable. It contains Goddard's unique cleaning, polishing, and anti-tarnish agents, and the non-abrasive material adds another layer of silver care, as it won't scratch or damage surfaces when buffing.